I’m Lesley, a content and communications professional with more than 15 years of experience. From writing step-by-step instructions for hobbyists to creating multi-platform digital strategies for Fortune 500 companies, I’m a dedicated storyteller who always keeps the end goal in mind. 

I’m always thrilled to talk about the more than 100 books I edited (or the one I wrote) back in my publishing days – just ask, and I’m happy to send PDF samples. 

Here’s some examples of my more recent marketing work:

– Partnered with product team to launch new website in support of new product and brand launch.

-Launched thought leadership campaign including white paper, article series, webinar series, case studies and social media, visible at http://www.verasyscontrols.com/resources/insights-and-case-studies.

– Finalized and globalized new home page design for regional launch.
– Worked with stakeholders across product lines and regions to quickly create and launch a COVID-19 Resource Center (https://www.gehealthcare.com/corporate/covid-19).

Worked with global team to develop digital strategy for product sold in a region without a website.

Developed content strategy for multi-year thought leadership campaign, including white papers, webinars, and positioning articles.

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